One-Stop Shop for Automotive Services in Asheville, NC

Maintain your vehicle inside and out by bringing it to Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube for a wide range of services. From performing oil changes to offering car detailing, we are your one-stop shop for automotive services in Asheville, NC. We’ll keep your car in excellent condition. At the same time, you’ll enjoy excellent work at affordable prices. Visit our coupon page to save money on oil changes and more!

Superior Car Detailing Work

First impressions mean everything. Whether you want to impress onlookers, a customer, or just yourself, you need a polished car that grabs attention. How would you like a showroom finish for your car? When you turn to our experienced crew for car detailing, and car wash services, that’s what you get. Do away with the dust, dirt, and smudges when we give your vehicle a new-car look.

Maintain the Smooth Operation of Your Vehicle

Are you taking care of your car? Keep it running like a well-oiled machine by coming to us for auto maintenance services. We save your car and save you money. At our auto shop, we provide everything from oil changes and tire rotations to fuel injection cleaning and radiator flushes. We carry Pennzoil, Mobil, Castrol, and Sunoco products, as well as a full line of Interstate batteries.

In addition, if you have an upcoming NC vehicle inspection, we are qualified to provide the services required by the state. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get outstanding results.